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Following the death of their father, the Boynton children are left firmly under the control of their despised stepmother, Emily Boynton, when his estate is bequeathed solely to her. To clear the air of death, Mrs Boynton takes the entire family on a tour of Europe and the Holy Land, during which her control and meddling in her stepchildren s and her own daughter s lives is apparent to all. She effortlessly manages to upset many of the guests on the tour, including a friend of Hercule Poirot. On a visit to a dig Mrs Boynton s body is discovered. Poirot, suspecting foul play, recalls conversations he overheard of the family plotting to murder the old lady and is called upon by the authorities to investigate. With 48 hours to expose the murderer, will Poirot s little grey cells manage to extract the truth from the many suspects and prevent the culprit getting away with murder?

Poirot: Rendezvous mit einer Leiche

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